Country Candle

Introduced in 2017, new brand Country Candle is offering customers a highly-scented colored candle featuring Original Kittredge Family recipes of yesterday and today. For over 40 years, the Kittredge Family has been in the candle business. Michael Kittredge II, who founded the Yankee Candle Company, and Michael (Mick) Kittredge III, founded the Kringle Candle Company. Although Mick was young when his dad sold Yankee Candle, he very much recalls growing up and learning in his fatherís world. Mick's heritage in fragrance inspired authentic scents, a drive for superior product quality, innovation and attention to detail coupled with outstanding customer service.
Blooming Plumeria Large Jar
Enticing with a fruit essence, plumeria is a unique exotic floral.
Price $24.95
Cinnamon Spice Large Jar
A prized sweet scent with an exotic pungent kick that only cinnamon spice can offer.
Price $24.95
Coffee Shop Large Jar
Itís that great wonderful aroma of roasting beans and freshly brewed coffee.
Price $24.95
Frosted Cranberries Large Jar
A festive treat that is crisp and tart with a sweet surprise.
Price $24.95
Hot Chocolate Large Jar
Our Hot Chocolate is deep, rich and filled with true cocoa goodness - perfect for warming your winter!
Price $24.95
Jingle All the Way Large Jar
Resplendent with the sweet fruit and bright citrus accords, merrily balanced by warming spices and wood notes.
Price $24.95
Peppermint Twist Large Jar
Those classic red and white swirled candies have always created a frosty mint sensation. Peppermint twist fills the air with that same fresh goodness.
Price $24.95
Pumpkin Cider Donut Large Jar
Our Pumpkin Cider Donut is infused with sweet cider notes and plentiful pumpkin!
Price $24.95
Salted Caramel Apple Large Jar
Ingredients: Your favorite crisp apple dipped into Kringleís creamy salted caramel sauce for a deliciously smooth scent!
Price $24.95
Smoke & S'mores Large Jar
Let's face it, this gooey marshmallowy, chocolate graham cracker treat is spot on. You'll want s'more.
Price $24.95
Vanilla Cupcake Large Jar
So light yet creamy with wafts of vanilla goodness; exactly like a vanilla cupcake.
Price $24.95
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